Advantages Of Using Cloud Backup

Written by Mey Liew

On November 1, 2019

According to research, 60 percent of small to medium sized businesses back up their company’s data using direct-attached storage such as USB, with the majority of businesses (about 56 percent) having no plans to migrate to cloud backup at all. In fact, 45 percent of repondents said their organization had experienced data loss and 14 percent were never able to restrore their lost business information.

And sadly to know that more than 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors after a disaster. The data is considered by many to be a company’s most valuable asset in the company but why the search show result like this?

The main reason it that they don’t understand the important of Cloud back and how they can benefit from using Cloud Backup.

Here are the advantages of cloud backup:

1.  Small businesses always have little IT budgets

The use of cloud services provides a low-cost solution for file protection. Losing valuable data can become costly and time-consuming. Cloud technology allows your organization to restore data, which ultimately helps your company reduce costs.


2.  Eliminates Tape Backup. 

The use of tape backups are usually expensive and can easily be stolen. On the other hand, the use of cloud technology allows you to backup critical files much quicker with fewer costs. They also have a much lower risk of being stolen because of the use of encryption. The data can also be restored at a much faster rate than manually restoring them with a tape backup.


3.  Anytime, Anywhere Access.

Having data in the cloud allows your customers to have access to their data anytime and anywhere. When it is access to the Internet, through a computer or a smartphone app, all files are readily available. There is no need to have to travel around with a laptop or go back to the office to see that important file.


4.  Off-Site. 

It’s important to keep a copy of the files offsite. Even if business files are backed up on a file server, a hurricane, flood, fire or theft could destroy the computers and backups. Keeping backed up files in the cloud ensures data is safe no matter what is going on at your office.


5.  Cloud backup solutions have made ongoing management and restoration easy.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, backed up files can be easily found and restored.


6.  File Transfer Security. 

Keeping your critical work files protected is an essential function of an IT company. Each file is encrypted before they are transmitted to an offsite data center. Hackers will be unable to penetrate these files and they will be securely sent from your server to the data center.


7.  Time

Time is one of the most commonly stated reasons companies aren’t backing up their data. Cloud backup doesn’t require an additional time commitment for you or your customer. Computer files are backed up to the cloud automatically and continuously, whenever you’re connected to the Internet.


The cloud has changed the data backup industry. Because of its affordable price point, SME are able to get an offsite solution that automatically backs up all of their data. This is a solution that is simple and the data is available anytime and anywhere.

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