What is Cloud Backup?

Written by Mey Liew

On October 7, 2019

Today, no one in their right mind would rely on just local backups. Further, considering the amount of content even an average blog would contain, it might not be practical. For most issues that could compromise data and content today, cloud backups are the answer. What is cloud backup? This blog will attempt to answer all your questions.


First, what is the cloud?

The cloud refers to services that run on the internet and not locally on your computer. That infrastructure is comprised of a collection of servers that make up the cloud. When you take a cloud backup, it involves sending a copy of whatever data you wish to secure, to be stored in a system independent from its source network.


What data do you want to backup?

There are numerous online services that help you easily backup any kind of data to the cloud -from your website to your computer system files.


Why should you backup your data?

In the online world today, even with all the security tools available, ensuring that your website is 100% secure can be quite a challenge. A must-do in this environment is to take continuous backups of your website data. This will ensure, that in the event that your website is attacked or taken down, you can immediately restore it from your backup reserves to ensure business as usual.

Backing up your data helps prevent:

  1. Data loss from website or computer system
  2. Disruptions in the functioning of your website

Now, at least for personal system backups, some of you might be thinking of external hard drives or even USB drives. The key word or advantage that Cloud Backups have over any of these options is its ‘independence’ and ‘easy accessibility’. Storing backups in the cloud ensure that your data is stored securely at a location away from your current computer system and environment and is also easily accessible at any time and from any device.

Why can I not just use free Google Drive and Dropbox accounts?

Do not confuse these services with file systems in the cloud such as Google Drive or Dropbox as the protection offered is quite limited and is not meant to backup massive amounts of website or system content.

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