How Cloud Hosting Works

Written by Mey Liew

On December 9, 2019

What is ‘Cloud Hosting’?

In Cloud hosting a website is supported by hundreds of servers working together as one. This cluster of servers together is termed the ‘Cloud’. This set up makes hosting on the cloud more flexible than hosting on any other hosting model.

How Cloud Hosting works:

  1. If there is an outage in one server, another takes over, ensuring zero downtime
  2. It ensures that a cloud hosting set up has a near unlimited ability to handle traffic spikes of any magnitude
  3. Customers visiting your website will face no issue and you will see no drop in your website visits/conversions, also contributing to the maintenance of a healthy search engine rank.
  4. You pay only for the resources that you consume.
  5. You can scale up on demand.

The processing power is unlimited as you can always add a new server and scale up- provides great flexibility and scalability, making it easy to upgrade or downgrade your hosting environment and accommodate for periods of higher or lower traffic.

All of this makes cloud hosting a powerful solution for large, high-traffic internet sites and applications that require the highest level of performance.

You may have already guessed that managing a cloud hosting solution is not a simple process. It takes the skills of an experienced server administrator or IT professional, so it’s not a good solution for most small businesses or do-it-yourself.

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